Gin has been a popular spirit for hundreds of years, and in more recent times has gained a significant boost in sales as the ‘hipster’s favourite’ (certainly in the UK anyway).

Gin advent calendars are a thing of sheer genius. They come in a few different types – some with a whole bottle of gin and different tonics, and others with small bottle of different gins. Either way they all give you a chance to indulge in some lovely gin once a day in the run up to Christmas! Advent has never been so enjoyable…

The top 5 gin advent calendars for Christmas 2017:

  1. The Blue Tree Advent Gin Calendar

    This little beauty comes with 24 little bottles of gin (5cl / 50ml each) to give you chance to try a new gin without having to fork out for a whole bottle. Features Bloom, Tanqueray, Edinburgh, Chase, Whitley, Edgerton and more. Perfect!

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  2. That Boutique-y Gin Company’s Advent Calendar !!LOW STOCK!!

    Another advent calendar featuring small bottles of gin for you to enjoy with your own choice of tonic – this time slightly smaller measures than our first choice, 30ml instead of 50ml. However, the selection of gins is superb – including Double-Barrelled Gin, Swedish Rose Gin, Monastic Gin, Miyagawa Citrus Gin and plenty more. Something for the true gin connoisseur here…

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  3. The Origin Single Botanical Gin Advent Calendar

    A very special box of 24 gins for you advent adventures. Each gin is made with juniper berries from a different region, all produced by gin experts for Drinks by the Dram. This calendar includes gins from beautiful gin producing regions across Macedonia, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria and Montenegro as well as many  others. A truly special gin advent calendar for a special gin fan.

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  4. The First4Hampers Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar

    A different approach from the First4Hampers gin calendar, with the focus switched to the tonic rather than the gin. They’re sure they have a solid gin with a 70cl bottle of ‘The Lakes Gin’ included in the box – and they’re accompanying this with 24 little bottles of tonic. The people in the know say that the mixer makes up the majority of your drink so it’s only right you should be choosy about what you buy. Tonics include many variations of Fever Tree, Ledgers, Double Dutch, Bottlegreen & Fentimans and other producers. One not to miss if tonic is your thing.

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  5. The Ginvent Calendar

    We’ve saved the best to last…the experts at the in Foundry have scored a massive it with their Ginvent Advent calendar. Never mind the clever name, this masterpiece has 30ml bottles of classic gins as well as the newest kids on the block. Savour each junpier delight in the run up to Christmas – you will not regret it. Some of the lovely gins included are: Persie Sweet & Nutty Old Tom Gin, Slingsby Rhubarb Gin, McQueen Signature Dry Gin, Poetic Licence Old Tom Gin & Sir Robin of Locksley Gin. Wow, just wow.

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Dive into gin heaven with one of the gin advent calendars above or head back to see other alcohol advent calendars